Monthly Archives: November 2012

Ups and Downs

I was stressed out after a lovely bit of news yesterday, that Obama had been reelected, by someone I’d followed last week. Apparently they were not pleased with my friendly messages. However, instead of objecting or silently blocking me, they decided to accuse me of being a “weird” sort of stalker or creep on their blog. It was rude. They also said I’d sent four very long messages through the askbox, which of course is ridiculous as the askbox can only hold 500 characters at a time. 

Anyway in the morning my Bro had sent a supportive and very lovely message at his blog, delighting me no end, and later on in the day I was talking with several great friends …[redacted]. What was odd about that was that I knew them from FB before and had separately befriended them at Tumblr with a totally different persona, and they didn’t tell me that I already knew them! It was surprising to discover this was the same person. They told me themselves, though, and I appreciated their candor and I think we’re doing OK. I had after all had similar experiences roleplaying as my ARG characters, and some others through anonymous messages, most of which experience ended abruptly when I admitted who I really was. It sort of sucks.

Anyway I love you, friends, and just feel blessed to have you in my life. I hope you will stay. 


Oh and PS I will change my URL today, I think or tomorrow morning.